Beginning the week of August 23, employees of the Wheeling based engineering firm of Cerrone Associates, Inc., acting as agents for the Mason County Public Service District, will begin collecting field data for design of a proposed new sanitary sewer for the area located along Sand Hill Road from the Point Pleasant city limits heading east approximately four miles along Sand Hill Road to a point near the intersection of Sand Hill Road, Rayburn Road, and Camp Conley Road. Note that certain other adjacent areas are also part of this project area.

Specifically, the engineering agents will be gathering information on the location of private septic tanks and sewer outfalls that will involve dropping off a stake and a brief instruction sheet at each residence and business requesting that property owners stake these locations at their property. The agents will also be collecting home and business structure elevations and be laying out proposed sewer line locations that will require agents entering properties for short durations of time and using surveying equipment. This will not involve any heavy equipment, construction activity, permanent line stakes or line location painting occurring on properties at this time. Agents will be in company uniform with personal identification but will be in private vehicles.

Additionally, agents will be laying out a proposed transmission line along a stretch of cross country area outside and along the eastern city limits of Point Pleasant from Sand Hill Road north to the northern city limit at Route 62, and north along Route 62 to Camp Conley. No customers are being served in this area, and work in this area will not involve any septic and sewer outfall staking or property structure elevation verifications.

The field work in all these project areas will last throughout August and September. Depending on weather conditions and speed of work, the field work may also extend into part of October. However, it is important to note that activity at any one location will be minimal.

If you have any questions, you may contact the Mason County Public Service District at 304-675-6399 during office hours.